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Is it true that people here who have higher level will protect those who also have higher level as them?

As well as when it comes to someone talking sht about this site? I see that they gang up just to keep that certain user with a positive image as well as this site, too

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    I’ve noticed Level 7ers tend to be an odd bunch. It’s like they think their Level 7 Status on Yahoo Answers means that they are Superior to the rest of the users. And their Superior-ness means that they are to moderate how us “Lesser Users” use this site.

    Not all of them act like this. But many of them do. And it’s very weird. And I think the reason they act like this is because they honestly have no life.

    But I mean, it’s just Yahoo Answers! And how these level 7 users behave is akin to a Mcdonlds Manager letting the power to control a 16 year old burger flipper, go to his head.

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    There is nothing special or superior about us Level 7s. We've just answered a lot of questions, and asked relatively few.

    Anyone can be a Level 7. You just need to keep going, while not posting the kind of questions or answers that ASK to be reported.

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    It might be, but I'm not aware of any specific situations. There are users on the site that are friendly with each other (regardless of their user levels). Not sure how anyone 'protects' another user here, as no one can stop any account from reporting a violation. Since YA isn't a chat site all posts about specific users or about the respondents themselves, are violations. 


    YA is a site for asking information seeking questions or posting answers to them. There should NEVER be a need for anyone to "protect" another user, to "gang up" on anyone, nor to "talk sht" about the site. Anyone who doesn't like the site, is free to leave. Ranting about the site isn't information seeking.

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    Nonsense.........I am a high level 7 users and I am attacked here all the time by other people with Level 7 accounts. 

    and it's often low level anon punks, who seem to think "Level 7's"  are  "above everyone else" 

    I've never said any such thing,  and certainly don't believe that. 

    But punks who got suspended for stalking and harassing level 7's ,  like to talk trash about level 7's. 

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