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My Green Card has my DOB incorrect. I filed I-90 to replace my green card on May’2018 but USCIS did not send me the replacement card. ?

My Green Card expired on April’2020 but still did not receive the I-90 replacement card. So i filed the I-751 Petition to Remove Condition of Permanent Resident on Sept’2020 which is 5 months late. We submitted the I-751 together with the explanation letter stating Covid-19 happened which caused us serious hardship and we did not receive the replacement card with proof of multiple service inquiries from the USCIS website with no result. Also, we submitted our joint Income Taxes, joint bank statements, joint Health & Life Insurance, joint Car Insurance, joint Residence Lease, Affidavits from Friends, Photos from the date of marriage to today and our Child’s Birth Certificate. Our marriage is a bonafide real and true marriage. We also submitted the copy of the green card with the incorrect DOB, our Driver Licenses and our friend’s DL too. What are the odds of the I-751 getting approved?


I was legally present in the US. Covid-19 hits the US in March’2020. My Green Card expired April’2020 in which USCIS local offices were closed at the time for a few months.

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    How is it that your DoB on your US PR ID is incorrect and you did nothing about it for two years?  

    Note that the # 1 reason for an incorrect DoB on a US PR ID is the individual used documents for someone with the same name but a DoB different from their real date of birth (immigration fraud).  For example, if Abhimanyu Singh bought, borrowed, or stole the documents from someone also named Abhimanyu Singh but with a different DoB and used the documents to fraudulently immigrate to the USA then they will eventually have problems due to the DoB.  That is why they try to "correct" the DoB on their USA records.    

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    You applied long after the conditional GC expired, and you were not legally present. You needed to file your application to remove conditions 90 days before expiration - so that was January, before covid impacts became so severe. Your fault that you have not been legally present in the US for over 5 months. And your excuses are bogus. Expect a lot of difficulties over your negligence in filing timely. You've known for a long time this deadline was coming, time to prepare paperwork, time to save up application fees, etc.

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