how do you handle living where you don't want to live?

i'm a private man who minds my own business, sure, i have mental problems and anger problems, but i try to control it and do the best i can...going to the gym to swim a couple times a week, so to manage mt type 2 diabetes.

i have the incredible misfortune to live on a council estate in greater manchester...and theres a few characters around here who prowl around the estate like they own it, they have drug issues and other problems but they dress and act like guy is a mixed race guy who is rough in appearance and unkept...he walks with a swagger and acts threatening in the way he stares.....i get the feeling, even though he has never directly bothered me...that he is trying to intimidate me and make me more nervous than i already i have terrible anxiety problems and ptsd.

living around this guy makes me wish i lived somewhere else in britain...some country village in cornwall or just somewhere peaceful which is not multicultural and is not diverse, like it is where i am presently.

but the likelihood of being able to live somewhere as picturesque as cornwall are slim for me as i have never been employed, are on benefits and have had long term mental health problems........but the difference is between me and these other characters is a carry myself with human decency, dignity and honour...and i have self respect, i cannot help having mental health now aged 42.

what am i going to do? am i trapped around here forever?

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  • n2mama
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Yes, you are trapped there forever, or at least until you do something to actively change your situation. Or maybe when your parents die you will inherit enough money to move your bigoted self to somewhere you like better. Beggars don’t get to be choosers.

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