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I was conversing with my aunt via text and she suddenly stopped the conversation when I told her of someone who had died, was I bad here?

She is known to bully people and I had not been in touch with her in a long time but she had texted me a message of someone she saw who had said to tell me hi. From here we had a text conversation until I said "by the way my Dad's cousin you know's son died Wednesday" and my aunt typed nothing else, not even "I am sorry to hear that". She is on my Mom's side of the family but knows my step-father's family. I call the step-father Dad. 


So was I ill mannered here to tell her someone had died that she knew the parents of? Do I need to apologize? Or was she wrong? She is known to bully people which is why we are distant from her. 

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    You have nothing to apologize for. You were trying to inform her of a death in the family and she was apparently incapable of being polite enough to respond. Her bad, not yours.

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