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How can I develop another personality?

I've heard that there are people who (unconsciously) have created another personality to better face life, for example when they have suffered a major trauma.

I don't like me anymore, I can't do anything, everything is f*** going wrong and the only way out, except for suicide, is developing a personality that can take control over my body, whereas "I" am in a deep sleep.

How can I accomplish this?

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    You cannot consciously do this.  The situation we are describing is a coping method that only occurs after major trauma.

    If you don't like yourself, change.  Whenever you are about to react to something, stop and question whether your "standard" response would get you right back into your old ways.  You CAN change.  You just have to really WANT to change.  But it is possible.

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    To recreate and to remember the knowledge is the life for all intelligent beings . 

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    I'd like to share an answer with you that was rated Best, 5 Stars, It's an answer to a question from somebody who I think a lot of people would write off as a hopeless case, a born loser. 

    When somebody here says, How can I become a new person, I say that it's a matter of patience and persistence. You can't be a new person overnight. What you have to do is acknowledge your successes. If you keep a journal, which a lot of people do, note the times when you slip up but don't dwell on them. Always emphasize your successes. Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back if nobody else will.

    Set goals for yourself - realistic goals - and list doable steps leading to the goals. Don't take on too much at once. If the plan isn't working, write a new plan.

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