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Lymphocyte count is abnormal?

I just got my blood results back and the doctor wants me to speak to me tomorrow about them. But I would like some insight into what it is...

Total white cell count (abnormal)

12.9 10*9/L

Normal range: 3.9-11.1

Lymphocyte count (abnormal)

5.0 10*9/L

Normal range: 1.0-3.0

There were others in the test but all classed as normal but borderline (Mean corpusc. haemoglobin(MCH), Neutrophil count, Monocyte count and basophil count)

Could this be just a simple infection?

I had the bloods done because I had severe pelvic pain, swab came back as small amounts of thrush (had no symptoms of this) and no std's.

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    It could be from the thrush or some other basic infection - my partner gets bloods checked every 6 months because of type 2 diabetes and his white cells are always too high for no reason, doctor checked his medical records back over 20+ years and found out his level has always been high for no reason.

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