I can't get to my other Meetup.com account; can you help?

I went to Meetup.com and found I had to sign in even though I didn't sign out the last time I was there. So I tried to sign in and it didn't recognize my password even though I know it was correct and I typed it in correctly. So I changed the password and that worked okay EXCEPT Meetup now has me in the first Meetup account I created which I haven't used in forever and is not the one I want to get to. That could be okay if I saw a way to get to the second account, but I see nothing about other accounts of mine at all. There's no contact info: phone, email, chat... nothing. 

Other possibly helpful detail: I don't use the same user name for my two accounts.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Contact the owner of that group.  That is the only way to get this situation resolved.  Random strangers on yahoo answers cannot tell you what happened to your account.  So the owner will be the only person available to help you correct your problems with logging in.

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