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I need help on novel writing!!!?

I have come up with a good plot, and a nice amount of characters, but the problem is, my main character is a hot chop. Not to mention, this is writen in third person (Using he, she, you know),but how do I show that, like how he has an attractive build, personality, voice, etc without saying, "He was a handsome guy" like that sounds terrible, so I really need help.

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    Show him using his strength of body and character. Suppose is helping a friend, or a friend's mother, move into a new house. His girlfriend sees him move a heavy chair she could not budge. "Wow! You sent it across the  room No with a push!  No one else could move it an inch."  This incident shows that he is kind as well as strong.

    Bluebellbkk's suggestion is very good. I would go to the used book store or the thrift store in your area and buy a dozen novels in your chosen genre.  Buy some highlighters too. While you read them, mark the sentences that describe the characters' appearance, personality, voice etc.  You can either use one color per character, or you can pick only the Main Character and color the "appearance" sentences blue, the "personality" passages green, etc.

    Then compare the books to see how each author describes characters.

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    Say 'his dingle was as big as one of those extra long italian salami's"

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    If you read novels for adults no writer gives the reader a shopping list of physical characteristics.  None of them do, only books for kids have to detail everything down to the fingernails.  

    The reader is the one who imagines the characters,  if something is key to the plot then put it in.  Like if the person is blind. Otherwise we DO NOT need specifics on the appearance. 

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    Maybe it would be an idea if you were to read a few books first.

    Only someone who never reads at all would be at a loss about how to describe a character indirectly.

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    You need help, all right. No one would deny that, but to expend the effort to attempt to explain even the most fundamental principles of writing to you would be a total and complete waste of time.

    "I need help on novel writing" - 'on'? No, you need help "with writing a novel", but before you begin to concern yourself with that perhaps you ought to learn how to compose a grammatically correct sentence first.   

  • Use another character  

    "Pauline could not help but notice how very attractive Phillip was. He had a pleasant but chiseled face, piecing eyes and a lop sided smile that invited you to smile back. As she let her eyes wander downward, she could not help but be taken in by his physique, a full well muscled chest, and thin waist and a butt to die for. 

    She was wrested from her reverie when she heard him clear his throat, and Pauline realized that she had missed his question.

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    let your other characters describe him to the reader. is one of the other characters into him (secretly)? is one of the other characters his rival, or can't stand him because of bad history, etc?

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    Tell you what I did.  I took a correspondence course in creative writing from the U. of Minnesota.  It answered all the questions you asked here and gave me motivation to actually write my first short story.  I got an A for it.

    Tod walked into the room and looked around.  She was leaning against the bar.  A drink was in her hand.  He had no clue who she was but he had to know.  Her blouse did little to conceal her ample breasts.  And the leather mini-dress barely covered her hips, leaving long luscious legs to be enjoyed.  And enjoy them is what Tod did.  He walked over to her.

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