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Will my mom's furniture and entire contents of her house need to be sold to repay Medicaid? ?

I'm 56 and my mom is 96.  My dad passed away back in 2008 so about 6 months ago I ended up moving back to my mom's place because she can't be left alone.  She lives in a small town and owns her own home, it was paid off years ago.  

Right after my dad passed away, her lawyer convinced her to put her house in a life estate, deed it over to me but keep herself as the life tenant.  She gave me POA and updated her will leaving the remainder to me and naming me as executor.The lawyer seems to think because my mom made her house a life estate years ago, it would be protected from Medicaid if she needed to be in the nursing home which may not be far off.  It's my understanding the life estate only protects the house itself, but not the contents so I'm concerned I might end up with an empty house.  Her only income is her social security with her bank account getting fairly low.  So she will likely be on Medicaid if nursing care is needed.

My question is about the furniture and other contents of the house.  I don't think there is anything in the house of any great value -- would Medicaid still require everything be sold for what little we get?  Would I be able to keep my bedroom set, desk, television, gun cabinet, computer and I few other things I brought with me?  I also have a bunch of kitchen stuff.

I'm trying to keep her out of the nursing home and off of Medicaid as long as I can.


You would have to tear the place apart, empty all the cabinets, drawers and closets if you are looking for something of any value.  

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    You have a very smart attorney that set everything up so after your mom passes the home goes directly to you the easy way.       The home is no longer your mom's.   The life estate gave the home to you.     You now own the home.   Your mom is allowed to live there until she dies.         

    There maybe a rule that she can sell the home within a certain amount of years or transfer title before dying without having to pay the government back.

    The rules are complicated and vary by state.    What state do you live in?

    You should repost your question under the "legal" category. 

    Below is a link with a lot of information.   

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    The contents would be of minimal value used. (think garage sale values)  They might allow you to get a 3rd party appraisal and to pay that amount.

    I wish you would STOP making up stories.

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    Your story changes all the time.

    Now, are you saying that you are the owner and you gave mom a life estate?

    Mom can't make a life estate for herself.-- if this is the real situation, the house has nothing to do with medicaid, because you are the owner.

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