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Why am I the only person in my entire family to spot family resemblances, or resemblances in general?

What am i talking about, basically genealogy in it's oddest format so to speak, hopefully the question speaks for itself, but if not, i will try to explain as best I can, I spot resemblances in family to celebrities who nearly look identical in my family, for example, my young girl cousin born in 1996 bares a striking resemblance to hilary duff (the lizzie mcguire movie isabella persona), and lots of other resemblances as well from other tv shows especially from other countries as well, but apparently i'm the only one person who can spot the so-called resemblance, but not the person whom they resemble, for example, if i asked my girl cousin to see if they can spot a resemblance to hilary duff from the lizzie mcguire movie with the isabella persona, she wouldn't even spot nor would the others in my family. 

Are they just ignoring the resemblances or just don't give a damn or something, if ignoring why are they ignoring or if they don't give a damn, why don't they give a damn are they worried they may potentially marry a distant relative, or something, or why am i the only one who can spot these resemblances? Please explain.

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    cause youre good at doing that

  • Anonymous
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    Okay, so you sound full-on cuckoo. That being the case, you should consider that the reason you see resemblances no one else does is you're delusional. You are also delusional about your entire family being so blind that they can't recognize actors or actresses when they play different roles, like in your example where you say your cousin is unable to see any resemblance between Lizzie McGuire and Isabella and thus can't recognize from looking that they are played by the same actress, Hillary Duff. 

    Everything you're saying fantastical and nonsensical. 

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