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How do I know if he's a good guy or just playing me? Sometimes I think he just wants to sleep with me and other times I think he wants more?

At first I thought he was a good guy but the more I get to know him the more I think he's just a f-boy... When he messaged me, he really talked to me, we sent long paragraphs back and forth getting to know each other. I would leave him on read sometimes and he was persistent. He asked me out and I flaked on him like twice to test him, but he was persistent and I finally met up with him. He led me straight to his bedroom to watch a movie and eat pizza. He tried to make a couple moves on me so I felt uncomfortable and left quickly. He asked me out again and again however. The fourth time, I volunteered a kiss, and it turned hot; he had his hands up the back of my shirt and went for the neck. About the tenth time he tried to have sex with me, and I turned him down cold. He was obviously upset, but the very next time I posted a story he responded to it and asked me out again. I could blame it on covid, but all of our dates were in his bedroom and after 8:30. I stayed strong and never had sex with him because I feel like he just wanted me for that. He moved away about a month ago. I blocked him on all social media except one and stopped looking at his stories and have never hit him up. However he still looks at my stories and the past couple days has been responding to all of them. I give him a dry response and leave him on read but he is Still persistent. The only thing holding me back from liking him is the uncertainty of whether he's a player or not. Please help!

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    'He moved away about a month ago' you said. So why the hell are you still obsessing about him and why haven't you moved the hell on?

    No answer? No response of any kind? Then I must assume you're trolling.

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