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Don't you love the modern age and the women's liberation movement?

I'm so grateful that my mom was able to divorce my father before I was born.  It's nice that she left my father for a drug dealing alcoholic that beat us up and talked down to us.  Then she was able to divorce him and marry another jerk who kicked us out when we were too young to take care of ourselves.

  Then I finally got married and my wife decided she wasn't happy so she was able to divorce me, take the kids and ruin my life.

  Thank you women's lib.  America is #1!


Oh and it's great that my mom was able to get a plush government job with retirement while her kids that she never took care of died and ended up with their lives ruined.  At least the government took care of her!  America is #1!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You should forgive your mom, she was lied to too, and probably couldn't help it..

  • 4 weeks ago

    Only a very small, simple mind would blame all of women and women's liberation for their own family's stupid behavior and bad choices.

    You and your family are the bad part within your complaint, not the rest of the world. Your mom has bad taste in men and you didn't learn how to be a good one, that would be your problem, not ours.

    (If your wife wasn't happy have you thought that your own behavior was ruining her life? She isn't at fault for your crappy upbringing that made you make her unhappy too.)

  • 4 weeks ago

    It`ll be ok......While your story is not extreme, to some, it`s nothing compared to others.

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