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Am I the only one who is surprised how much technology has advanced?

My Grandparents still use those old flip mobiles and they still use ATM'S to check how much money in their accounts. I on the other hand just need my phone to check how much money I have in my accounts and to pay for stuff. I'm just shocked how things have changed in the years.

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    You're shocked? When my FATHER was a boy, planes (jets hadn't been invented yet) didn't have enough power to fly over mountains, they had to fly around them. When my Grandparents were born, people still commonly used horse and buggies to get around as cars were still a novelty. In MY time, I've seen families with either no phone or only one, which was hardwired to the wall, photography go from large cameras using film to digital images, the development of the personal (desktop) computer to today's hand sized-phones that can do more than the PC and Camera could do combined, no Internet anywhere to Internet everywhere, not to mention all the medical, scientific, and military advancements. Yes, it is amazing how much has changed.

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