Should a fence be built?

Recently, a number of whales have lost their way and accidentally beached on the shores of Tasmania. Many have since died. It seems this beaching has recently become a frequent occurrence.

Do you think the authorities should install a fence under the sea to prevent large fishes from coming close to shore? The fence can still allow small fishes like crap and salmon to swim through the fence but will not allow large fishes like whales and sharks from going to shore. By doing that, it will prevent those large fishes from beaching on the shore. It may also make swimming in the sea near the beach much safer as sharks can no longer enter the fenced portion of the sea.

After all, as much as Donald Trump can consider building a wall at the border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country, there is no reason why the authorities cannot erect a fence under the sea to prevent large fishes from coming to shore.


This fence may even prevent an enemy submarine from coming close to shore and also prevent smugglers using submarines to smuggle into the country.

I hope I wouldn't get ridiculed for what I have written.

Update 2:

It can also create something like a largoon where people can swim freely and safely and have fun.

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    Stranding is poorly understood and there is even evidence of it in the fossil record; so it isn't as simple as blaming human practices. Shark fences may keep them in deeper water, but if they have the inability to stop themselves stranding they will just go and do it somewhere else.

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