Moving my things from UK to Italy?

Hi there, been in the uk for 13 years, now it's time to go back to italy for good.

I was wondering if and what are the cheapest and easy way to move all my belongings, is not just couple of luggage, some little furniture, and bits and pieces 

thank you

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  • 4 weeks ago

    It depends upon which exact parts of the UK and Italy.

    But if you're in no hurry then the cheapest method could be via a shipping agency. You tell them the weight and cubic volume OR the weight and number of standard pallet loads, and they then loo for empty space in standard shipping containers which are already scheduled to depart the UK for Italy.

    If those containers travel by sea it's cheaper but slower, although that has to be from a UK containerised port to an Italian containerised port. If the containers are road-freighted it's faster and more expensive but you have a good chance of the container going from a depot at a town or city close to you and arriving at a location close to your new address. Road haulage can even cover door to door, but if they're expecting palleted loads you'll need to tell them you have no forklift so that a truck with a tail-mounted forklift turns up.

    Any decent containerised shipping agency will guide you through the exact process.

    The other method involves a lot more driving but *might* be best for you: hire a set-drive truck of up to 7.5 tonnes (assuming you have a UK driving licence), make sure that the rental company knows where you're going, and then haul the stuff yourself. But you then have to drive the truck back to the UK and get yourself back to Italy (budget airline/coach journey).

    The fastest I've ever driven a Luton-bodied van from south London to Naples was two (very long and tiring) days. 

    You can also get quotations from regular removals companies, but their cheapest quotations will be where they just subcontact the work to shipping agents and take a fee as the middlemen.

  • IOM
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    4 weeks ago

    Furniture? Hmmm... consider buying new stuff in Italy. If you do, then you can mail all your personal stuff to Italy, just pack a few boxes and take them to the Post Office. It works great, I've done it. Then you can just fly to Italy with a bag or two, no problems. 

    But if you insist on taking furniture and large items, just rent a van in the UK, and drive to Italy. 

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