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Is it true that the people going into the Navy party on the boats ?

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  • Bill-M
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    4 weeks ago

    Don't you mean Ships??  There is a difference.   In the Navy they are called Ships.  A boat is small and can be lifted out of the water.

    Party?   Yes they do have them on Ships.  The biggest one is when you cross the Equator, but it is not called a Party it is called a Ceremony. Alcohol is not allowed on U.S. Navy Ships.

  • John
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    4 weeks ago

    During a "cookout" on the fantail, during a ceasefire everyone got two tickets for two cans of beer on the launched whaleboat. The steaks were burned on the outside and frozen on the inside requiring a lot of ketchup.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, sure.  Nothing like having a wild time in tiny cramped crew quarters in midst of noisy machinery, trying to dodge some section chief or worse, an officer who knows already who the troublemakers are.  What an experience!  Party on!!

    I was in the US Navy, and back 50 years ago when a fragment of marijuana leaf could get you kicked out with a dishonorable, totally screwed if you tried to party on board. Some Sunday nights I worked desk security at a barracks holding people who were getting the boot.  Really sad guys.  And I should tell about the people who got Captain's Mast (non-judicial punishment).  If lucky, guilty were triple-timed across base with a shovel holding two buckets of sand.  Two SPs the size of pro footballers held billy clubs and urged the offender on constantly.  Even mealtimes were a hassle for the guy, and hardly any sleeping for weeks in the brig.  Yes, a real party.

  • Fin
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    4 weeks ago

    A ship can carry a boat but a boat can never carry a ship.

    And we do have a party every day - a working party.

    Every meal is a feast,

    Every paycheck, a fortune,

    Every day an adventure!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Nonsense----I sailed around the world and steel beach picnics were far and few inbetween,  and even got a whopping two cans of beer and maybe some sliders and dogs. 

    The Admirals flagship, was a tad different, as he did host a number of diplomatic functions on board......and THEY had parties. 

    We  working stiffs,  got to WORK the party, if we were lucky, and maybe snag a bottle of  wine or champagne,  while cleaning up and putting everything away, and taking down the decorations and all that.........but usually,  the FIRST thing that was cleared away, was any booze left sitting ya had to be quick. 

  • Mrsjvb
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    4 weeks ago

    Nope.  Steel deck picnics are rare.  Underway  the work Day is literally 24  hours long 7 days a week.  Your down time is measured  in hours.. working around the 4 scheduled meal times.

  • Kathy
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    4 weeks ago

    No, they don't. My dad was in the Navy, and it was strict.

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