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Was I wrong or right to do this to my nieces?

I live in the same house with my 2 nieces and with my parents. One is 8 years old and the other one is 11 years old. I recently took back a lot of stuff I have given them and that's mostly jewelry and I'm donating it. The reason is because they have given me the silent treatment and they have had not said one word to me for months because they are very narcissistic with me and my whole family has some narcissistic traits especially my mother and father. My mother argues and gaslights a lot with me and my nieces turn on me too which isn't good at all. I'm not being a jerk or get on their narcissistic level when they put a front on me but, I won't give stuff to kids that aren't mine with my hard working money and act rare with me in return. They aren't being selfish with me or anything but their silence speaks a lot to understand they don't want to acknowledge me which I don't mind or care to know. I have multiple types have apologize but honestly that's something I shouldn't do to someone who is narcissistic. The stress that relieved me was taking a lot of stuff they have carried on with my money and donating it. I honestly feel so much more better and less stressed. What do y'all think? 

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    I think you need to check your own tendencies to manipulate and gaslight people because what you did is just that: they weren't acting how you wanted them to so you took something from them to try to manipulate their behavior and prove a point. If that's how you view gifts, then I suggest not giving them anything more. You feel righteous, not less stress, it's a high from believing you are better than they are... which is really sad since it sounds like you are quite a bit older than these two children. 

  • Pearl
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    4 months ago

    i wouldnt have done it cause two wrongs dont make it right

  • 4 months ago

    You do realize it's morally wrong to take back things that you gave someone? Yes, it is perfectly legal, unless they bought it from you but if it really was bothering you so much, you could have talked to them about how they were making you feel. Anyways, I can't decide things for you, and no use dwelling over things that have been already finished. In my opinion, you were wrong in doing this to your nieces.

     All they were doing was being silent. You know, it could have just been some personal issues, right?

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Once you gave a gift, it is no longer yours to take back. I think you too have a problem. Group therapy is needed at your home.

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