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Liberals-Why do you continually post links to "polls" when in 2016 EVERY SINGLE POLL had Hillary winning by up to 16 points?

And you precious "538" had Hillary up 9 points.

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    There was a wonderful story on CNBC about polls. 66% of the respondents claimed to have lied to pollsters. To avoid liberal backlash. Here is only one link. But there are dozens of others.

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    Because no poll this close to the election had Clinton up by double digits plus in 2016 polls neithet candidate ever polled over 50% like  iden does

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    Wrong.  Looking back, the polls were generally correct as far as the popular vote.  The electoral college is another matter.  Why do  you post lies?

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    Polls are of course of limited accuracy. No poll is going to be 100% on the mark. 

    But it's interesting you bring up 2016 polls. The big error there is that they did a poor job of estimating the Electoral College outcome. If you look at the popular vote, they were actually reasonably accurate, perhaps surprisingly so.

    In 2016, of the major polls conducted close to the election, the average result was Clinton beating Trump by 3.3 points. The actual result of the election was Clinton beating Trump (again popular vote), by about 1.5 points. Given that they generally state a margin of error of +/- 5 points, that's actually not bad. 

    No major polls had Clinton winning the vote by 16 points. 

    The "fake polls" trope is one often put out there by Trump. But it's interesting that he's very inconsistent in his denigration of them. He says they are "fake" if they suggest he's unpopular, but delights in them if they say something he likes. It seems to be motivated more by whether he likes what they say then a fundamental criticism of their limitations. 

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