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What do I do with the hurt and pain when I’m rejected by somebody like a relative or friend?

A relative of mine was in town with his family for five days last week and he did not call me. I told him to get in touch when he’s in town when he mentioned back in July that he might be here in the fall but I didn’t hear from him. Two of my other cousins saw him but I did not as I learn through Facebook. I have FOMO fear of missing out. It’s from traumas of being rejected as a kid by my classmates and bullied. I’m scared this relative doesn’t see me as a close extended family since he didn’t call this time or last time when he was here at Christmas last year. It hurts a lot, how do I let go of this pain and heartbreak? I’m re-experiencing all the feelings now this week from when I was in school and people that I thought liked me with suddenly turn on me and bully me in the classroom.           

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    I recently had a similar hurtful experience with a visiting relative.

    I have been betrayed by two siblings, many cousins, etc, and do you know what? I've come to the conclusion that most people suck, I don't need them around me and I'm glad I cut ties with all of them.

    Guess what? Three of them came down with covid and I could be dead today if I didn't cut ties with them. Sometimes situations you perceive to be bad, turn out to be good for you!

    BTW, I had similar experiences at school as you  It just proves my point, most people suck!

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