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Period heavier than usual?

My period is not heavy. My period started yesterday around 1am. I had to wake up in the middle of the night to change my pad because it was heavy and I was thinking maybe it's because it's the first day? But it's day two now and it's still heavy. I've had to change my pad 3 times before 1pm. I had to in the morning, during my lab in school, then before I left campus, then I changed it about an hour after I got home. I'm 21 (first one I've had since turning 21) Should I go to the doctor since this is the first heavy one I've had? I mean it may not be heavy but it is for me.


I've had my period since I was thirteen. So that's almost 8 years where it's had time to regulate it's self. Although within the past 2 years... the day does change. I even had my period twice in July. It's was early in the beginning... I think the 5th and then it happened at the end of July. So it does change every few months

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  • Darla
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    You can make an appointment. 

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