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My brother's ex-wife had Borderline Personality Disorder? What is this and how does it make a person with it act ?


Darla: That is my sister. 

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    They scream and yell. 

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    In psychiatry, there are over 16 distinct Personality Disorders.  ALL PERSONALITY DISORDERS START IN CHILDHOOD AS A RESULT OF ABUSE and/or NEGLECT.  As a result, the patient develops inappropriate coping skills and poor life skills.

    Someone with a Borderline Personality Disorder has a very distorted sense of reality and their behaviors border on the psychotic in some cases.  You can Google this personality disorder for a list of symptoms and remember, the patient doesn't have to have ALL of the symptoms to have the disorder. 

    Personality Disorders are treated with years and years of psychotherapy in which the patient is taught better coping skills and better life skills.  But the hard part is getting them to accept the diagnosis FIRST and want to work on changing.

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