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why does my neighbor abuse his lawn mowers?

my neighbor has two riding lawn mowers both which don't work very well. They are always having issues. He pretty much has rigged them to run.

He has done these lawnmowers very dirty which is the cause of them not running well.he lets the engine hydrolock with water and he also allows water to get into the oil by leaving it out in the rain. Sometimes you can see gray cloud coming from one of them, and the cloud is thick also.He has been talking to me about buying a new riding lawn mower.  This guy is pretty old and he supposedly has a lot of mechanic experience. 

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    Some people are just like that, and unfortunately he seems to be like that with expensive equipment. I don't understand it, but he must not care or be well off enough to just buy another after he abuses it 

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    Turn him into the ASPCLM.

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