Noisy children neighbours ?

I am looking for some advice how to deal with loud children next door. I live in old converted lofts with thin walls - hearing the neighbours TV’s, music, conversations, fights, etc are a part of the life. I get it. Most of the time it doesn’t bug me. 

But I swear these children are not normal. They scream, bang, cry, yell, run from 7am-11pm. This cannot be normal, some nights it sounds like they are performing exorcisms. Half the time I want to call child services just to make sure they aren’t being tortured it is so loud. Trying to relax at night (I work an 8-5) is nearly impossible because the walls are shaking from the banging and the screaming and crying for hours on end. Is it bad neighbour etiquette (or rude) to file a noise complaint with the building manager? I am pretty sure these are either two single mothers or a couple of two 3-4 year old girls, so I feel like there is enough influence to be able to have expectations for the children to not act like deranged monkeys. But I don’t know for sure, I don’t have kids and this experience makes me question whether I will ever want them XD


The only real reason I mentioned CPS was the less than frequent occasions I hear very graphic rap music on and can clearly hear both women screaming and dancing with the kids. At 10-11 pm... I’ve heard other adults in the house, cussing and shouting and singing along to the less than appropriate music choices. I’m not a parent, so I don’t want to judge but I just would never let my kids hear that stuff. Good advice tho, I think I will start with the note and go from there! 

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    Calling child services would be extreme, since kids being "loud" is not what they're there for. Start by writing a note to your neighbors, politely asking that they try to keep the noise down after about 9pm. Be extra nice about it, more than once if necessary. If that doesn't work, *then* escalate by contacting your landlord. 

    As far as whether the behavior is normal or not... in my experience, no, because I don't let my children stay up until 11pm. My oldest is 7 and his bedtime is 9-9:30, my little one is down by 8. While they can sometimes be loud up to that point, it's fine because we live in a single family house. If we were in multifamily housing I would probably at least *try* to enforce quiet activity 30 min to 1 hr before bed. It wouldn't always be a successful endeavor because kids are kids, but I would try. Letting your kids run around screaming until 11pm is just ridiculous, and quite inconsiderate of one's neighbors.

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    4 weeks ago

    For some reason children just scream when they play these days. I live half a mile from a primary school and at break times you’d think it was a theme park with monster roller coasters.

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    4 weeks ago

    Go move if you don't like it idiot 

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    You know what you need to do.

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  • 1 month ago

    What you described definitely isn't normal and sounds like the parents aren't disciplining their kids. Yes it's normal for kids to make noise and yes sometimes you have to tell them to keep it down. However what you described definitely isn't normal if It's a frequent occurrence and shows that the kids are probably not being disciplined. No it wouldn't be rude to file a noise complaint in this situation but I'd talk to the neighbors first because you shouldn't have to deal with that. However if your neighbors don't listen then you'll probably have to file a noise complaint.

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    Right now, they're just annoying. Do anything and they will target you. Another way to handle it - I once lived on a super busy road with sirens blasting past every 10 minutes to the hospital down the road. You can buy earphones with extra long cords (not that expensive) I plugged mine into the tv and it was pure magic. Blocked out sirens but also the moron next door when he was having noisy sex/loud parties.

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    Unfortunately that's a chance you take when you live in an arrangement like that with such close neighbors. If it's not kids, it could be barking dogs, or adults who play music way too loud. Back when I was in my first place alone, I had a neighbor upstairs who used to work out at the crack of dawn and the jumping sounds drove me crazy.

    Anyway... Do not call CPS - they have enough legitimate things to deal with. I would probably take it up with the parent in the moment - go over and knock and ask if everything is ok/"is there anything I can do to help you out?" (which, you'll get a "no" to and hopefully an apology). If it persists, then contact the landlord.

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    If you own your placme, you can get some sound proofing fitted. If you are a tenant ask your landlord to do this. If their landlord or his/her agent is the same as yours you need to talk to them about the noise. Complaining your local council or authority could make things worse, of course.

     I suppose an alternative might be to make your own noise (vacuuming, music, etc.) at 5 a.m. so that they will be tired at night and go to bed earlier. 

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should call child services, that could be why theyre loud

  • 1 month ago

    If you feel like you need to call child services, then do so, all you do is report what you have observed and they will make the decision whether or not they proceed with checking in with the family. I would also probably talk with management, once in a while, I could see letting go, but if it's a frequent/daily/weekly occurrence then the parents need to be aware. I feel your hesitation though, I have neighbors like this, been woken up at 3 am to their screaming fights, sounds like a herd of elephants upstairs, etc.

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    The likeliness is the parent is not a very good one, and has littlle to no control over the kids regarding discipline. You can file a complaint, but it is hard to say what will change 🤔

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