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Does it hurt your credit to move in the middle of your lease!?

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    No. It’s a contract. A contract can be broken. Additionally, rent is not reported on your credit report—unless you don’t pay. As long as you don’t owe any money after moving and it becomes a debt, your credit will not suffer.

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    if the land lord gives you a lease modification, no.

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    As long as you honor your financial terms within the lease, it should not.

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    If you move out but still pay all the money you owe the landlord for either early termination fees and/or rent owed, then no.

    If you move out early and stiff the landlord by failing to pay what you owe, and they sue you and get a judgement against you for the debt, then yes.

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  • 1 month ago

    It should not affect your credit as long as you fulfill the obligations of the lease and early termination. In other words, you pay the fees, you should be fine. 

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    It shouldn't - as long as you come to an agreement with your landlord about doing so, and pay whatever they charge as cancellation costs (which may be several months' rent)

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    If you pay whatever the landlord or the lease requires -- which may be a fixed amount of money, or the rent for the remaining time on the lease, or something else, no.

    If you just leave without paying everything so you owe money, yes.

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    It's late payments that matter and, if the landlord reports any late payments to your credit file, not every landlord would bother. If you moved out early but still paid until the end of it he has no cause to send a negative remark.

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    Of course.......................

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    If you leave owing money to the landlord, it can.

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