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Why were the British so good at dominating other cultures and ethnic groups, yet highly civilised with moral fibre in ending slavery against?

The wishes of the American slave conglomerates


It’s not generalising it’s very specific

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    Britain had a very good Navy which allowed it to control the seas of the known world.  It was backed up with a full time military that used the latest weapons and tactics.  Most of the countries they took over did not have modern weapons and were fighting with spears.  In India the British offered protection of local warlords for money and the local Indian soldiers were generally no longer needed so were disbanded to the point where the Indian maharajahs were no longer in charge as the British took more and more control of the country.

      The British did some good such as ending slavery in the British Empire in the early 1800s, and also outlawed the Thuggee religion in India who believed they had to murder innocent people as part of their religion.  The British also put in place infrastructure such as bridges and railways which opened up countries to more trade and movement of people.  British missionaries carried British beliefs such as Christianity, manners and morals, as well as outlawing homosexual acts between men.

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    Let's not generalize too much.  Many Members of Parliament, aristocrats, and entrepreneurs owned slaves in the colonies. Bristol, England was run by slave-trade captains. It took decades of lobbying, debating bills in the Commons and holding anti-slavery meetings to get an Act ending the slave trade, and another two decades to end slavery in the British empire.  Afterwards the servants and employees still worked like slaves.

    It took the presence and might of the Royal Navy to curb the slave trade on the seas... but the oceans were vast and the Royal Navy could not rule every wave.  American slavers were still at it, but it cost them a lot more to bring the captured slaves across.  Then there was a growing anti-slavery movement in America, and the growing number of immigrants to the Northern States who needed jobs, even the low-paying, unskilled and semi-skilled jobs done by slaves in the southern U.S. A large part of the U.S. did not need "the peculiar institution" and were upset that another large part wanted to keep it going despite the Declaration of Liberty in the Declaration of Independence that was signed by all the members of the Continental Congress. Slavery made the United States look like hypocrites in the eyes of even slave owning nations.  

    So the abolitionists in the U.S. as well as the pressure of the Royal Navy at sea curbing profitable voyages caused the U.S. government to enact laws to get out of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

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    Except that the British rulers supported slavery for centuries.

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    There are good and bad in all societies you call it politics such as communism or capitalism or  democracy , but they can all be bad as well as good like Earning millions selling slaves then building a university for your kind to prosper , its a lot to do with religion and morals it was a religious movement that fought agains slavery and it was a capitalist movement that used opium to pay the Chinese for produce killing millions and led to the opium wars it built many stately homes in the UK , so like you dont murder people some Americans do good and bad see

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