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what  does the words "blow out" mean?

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    Depends on context.

    A car tyre can 'blow out', meaning deflate with a bang in a second or less.

    If you have a big meal, it can be described as a 'blow out' - possibly a slightly dated expression, possibly in use in Britain only,

    If you need to extinguish a candle, you can 'blow it out' - note word order. That means blow hard with your breath.  Most people 'blow out the candles' on their birthday cake, that is a social ritual.

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    It can be used to mean "win by a huge margin".  It literally means to expel with force, like an explosion.  Explosions are hugely destructive to the victims.  So, when a team wins by lots, it destroys the opponent. It blows them right out of the contest, like they were never even there.  It is a metaphor.

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    To 'blow out' means to exhale with force.

    A 'blow out' can mean a burst tyre (tire in the USA), where the air is forcefully expelled through a failure in the carcass of the tyre.

    A 'blow out' is also a colloquial expression for a lavish meal, particularly one where people eat and drink to excess.

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