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Even though my sister and I are estranged is she required by law to be my caretaker when I am elderly if my brother has died so it's just us?

If I am 90 and my sister would be 79 then is she my next of kin who decides on my care when I am elderly and have dementia if my brother has died? My other sister already died. I am only 22 now but wondering for many years from now how it works. This sister refuses to speak to me even when I tried to reach out a month ago and she has not spoken in over a year. I don't anticipate any reconciliation as the sister is a narcissist. However, will she be my care giver when I am elderly assuming I never married since she would be the most direct relative? Does my estate have to go to her as the 1 surviving sibling? 

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    Get married, they will be responsible for you and they would get your estate. You can stop your sister from getting anything, if you have a will.

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