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Is Sex Dangerous ?

In high school this girl hella wanted to have sex with me she even ask me if I’m a virgin but I rejected I kinda knew people would get hiv from having sex. I just recently found out you can die from hiv thank goodness I rejected I was scared most kids in high school probably don’t even know about hiv unless they go to sex ed but then I don’t think they teach you about hiv probably just about safe sex I probably would stay a virgin forever. 


Obi Atleast I wont die in a few years after having sex im ok being a virgin 

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    I am 23 female and virgin, I agree with you!!!! Screw OBI if he wants to be a arrogant AS$

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    With your communication skills, you probably will stay a virgin forever.

  • It's not if you take precautions. If you're a guy then use condoms. If they don't break or fall off they should prevent you from getting HIV and most stds, and she shouldn't get pregnant.

    If you don't want to use condoms, ask your partner to get an std test done (if they're not a virgin) and they should be on some sort of birth control method.  

    Also these days you should be aware that covid 19 can be passed when you're in close contact with other people. 

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    --  Sex is normal and healthy.

    --  It is best if you have sex, and do not want children, to use condoms and also ask the girl to also take other forms of contraception (pill, Cervical cup, injection, insert under skin, patch).  The condoms, used correctly, will stop you catching any STD's and even HIV.

    --  Yes, you can die from having sex, but only if you catch HIV and then you may die of some other infection.  Untreated Syphilis can lead to other medical problems.  Untreated, or late treatment of Chlamydia can cause infertility in women.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    My condom broke the first time i had sex.  Glad i didn't get a STD or get her pregnant.  

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