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Is it typical for dance schools to only offer beginner classes for ballet and tap but not for jazz and hip hop?

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    Yes. That’s because jazz is based off of ballet technique but just not using your turnout. A good school will require ballet first before students can move on to other genres like jazz or hip hop.  With ballet training there is no need for a “beginner” class in either jazz or hip hop. You would be starting off jazz or hip hop at least as an intermediate or even advanced intermediate level depending on the strength of your ballet training. It will just become a different choreography for a well trained  dancer with strong technique  to learn. Ballet isn’t required for tap. Ballet is where you learn basic dance techniques used for almost every other dance genre. It’s where you build a strong body with the control and dance vocabulary needed for jazz, hip hop, contemporary or modern dance. Think of it this way.... if you wanted to be a brain surgeon you would need basic medically training first.  You can’t just skip that and start with “beginner brain surgery.” Trying for a medical speciality requires prior strong  medical training first. 

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