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Should I hate myself for euthanizing my cat and neglecting his needs?

I adopted a cat with my mom in 2009 and I just elected to have him euthanized. He wasn’t eating or drinking and he was yellow. I should have taken him to a vet sooner, but the yellow didn’t come to my attention until I noticed he had yellow drool yesterday and when I checked his mouth I saw yellow. I was told his BUN was 9x what it should have been from the lab work they did. They would have needed to hospitalize him. I wasn’t even sure if hospitalizing him would allow him to recover because of how bad he was doing. I also didn’t think I could take care of him anymore because I just moved to a studio apartment in a city that I share with 3 people and he’s always been an outdoor cat


My guilt stems from the fact that I let him suffer with his sickness for too long and I didn't pay attention when I noticed he was acting strange weeks ago. I could have prevented a lot of suffering and I could have have gotten him help before a lot of permanent damage set in. I didn't take him to a vet until I saw his gums were yellow. He was only about 11-12 years old, could have lived longer with better care. 

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    He was suffering. Euthanasia is compassion, not cruelty. You did NOT do the wrong thing and please don't let anyone tell you differently.

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    If he was in a lot of pain, it was probably the humane thing to do.

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    What color was the cat?

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