Keyboard locked?

My laptop keyboard sudden stopped working. The numbers work and the letters actually worked when I pressed "i forgot my password" but I can't use the keyboard to actually unlock the laptop. Not even the on screen keyboard will let me type letters. I've tried restarting,  shutting down. I dont have an external keyboard to try using and the only other thing I saw was to remove the battery but I really didn't want to do that.


Windows 10

Update 2:

Acer aspire 5

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    AH, the Acer Aspire. I should have guessed. Hard to remove the battery when you have to open the case, totally understand.

    One thing comes to mind, and that is the 'function' key may be depressed and stuck.  This is the key with the little blue Fn on it.  Tap that a few times.  What this does is turn on and off the Function Specialty keys, including the '10 Key' in the center of the keyboard.  This may be keeping you from typing the letters you need.  

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