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Question about Navy Recruiter?

I signed a contract to ship on October 30th and was physically conditioning my body  to ship out.  Now my recruiter moved my ship date down to October 2nd and I don't believe I will be healthy enough to go as I lost over 100 pounds and I am still very weak and out of shape from loosing all the weight. I talked to my recruiter and she refused to change it. I don't really want to go if I can't get in shape before basic. Is there anything I can do? Should I find a new recruiter?

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  • Anonymous
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    Did you ask why your ship date changed? It can be because of a few factors that can’t be changed so you don’t have a choice at all. You go that date or you don’t go.  It can be they require you to do 2 week quarantine and then start Boot. It could be because of when your A school will start up and those dates have been changed. 

    You are not expected to be in perfect condition when you get there, most aren’t at all. The few weeks seriously won’t change much at all.  By losing the weight properly you shouldn’t be weak at all. You should have done lowering calories count with exercise. If you just starved yourself then that was pure stupidity. 

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    If you are in the delayed entry program you can drop out until the day you're supposed to ship out. Finding a new recruiter won't help because you signed already this paper, it just depends if you signed the Navy paper or the delayed entry paper. If you signed the Navy paper you have to deal with it and you must go as the Navy now owns you but if you signed the delayed entry, just don't go. If I were you, just go on October 2nd. Take lots of vitamins and supplements and work out. I ship out in March 2021 since I am in Delayed Entry.

  • Mrsjvb
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    4 weeks ago

    Will do no good to switch recruiters.  If you are not ready by the 2nd, you won’t be ready  3 weeks later.

    Your ship date was moved up due to your A school.  So you either ship on the 2nd, or you won’t  be enlisting at all

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