Home remedies for GERD?

I’ve been suffering with really bothersome symptoms of GERD. Feeling sick, reflux, heartburn, feeling short of breath, gassy, and sometimes I get this feeling of emptiness in my stomach even though I’ve just eaten... it’s just really starting to affect me at this point. I’ve been to the doctor and tried many different pills but I honestly don’t want to rely on taking medication every day for it to go away. If anyone else suffers with this, what do you do to relieve it naturally? 

Ps. Today has been especially bad since I didn’t eat the whole day until dinner. Bad, I know! As soon as I ate dinner the symptoms came on instantly but mostly I’ve been feeling like it’s a bit hard to breathe. Is that an actual symptom?

1 Answer

  • Olive
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Could try to take omerprazole for 14 days to help then after feel better try staying away from or cutting back on greasy fried foods, carbonated drinks, spices etc that cause gerd and cause other digestive issues. Far as the emptiness feeling in stomach after eat it could very well be to much caffeine, so cut back on it. Hope this helps

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