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Should she legally adopt a 10 year old girl even if the 10 year old girl has a tattoo?

Should she legally adopt a 10 year old girl even if the 10 year old girl has a tattoo? The tattoos are the only issue. The women likes the child but not her tattoos. Yes or No? I would have loved a tattoo when I was 10. The ten year old girl says she loves her permanent tattoos on her body (different parent gave permission). The child makes it clear that she wants to be adopted, but does not want permanent tattoos removed. She is very well behaved and likes the women, because she is very good with children. 

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    You should adopt the child regardless of their past, she had a tough time no doubt going through different homes and maybe the tattoo has a special meaning to her. I know she's 10 and shouldn't get a tattoo until she's 18 but it's there already don't force her to remove it. Make it known to her that with you as her legal guardian there will be no more tattoos until she is of age. When it comes to removal it should be her choice. She is 10, how confusing must it be if one guardian says you can get a tattoo and the next forces you to remove it? Bring her up right, give her stability and security don't body shame her even though she should never have been allowed the tattoo to begin with, just be there for her as a role model and try to be tolerant, the poor girl hasn't had an easy ride, this could be her chance, I mean the person adopting her clearly cares about her however by asking this question try to remember the most important thing is the person inside. 

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