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My mental health is at an all time low and I need help?

Im 25 years old and I need my mental health is all time low so I'm going to see a psychiatrist. I have a lot of problems such as...

Bad comphrehension skills when listening to people speak to me in details. 

Bad communication skills cant pass job interviews.

Immense Anxiety in public places or anywhere outside house. Also when driving a car people throw peace signs at me rare times happen only few times though.

Gaming addiction/Screen addiction is number 1 for me since it has affected for half of my life. I play for 10-12 hours a day average past 3 years its been really addicting.

I can't think fast or normally like other people can. slow cant think fast always thinking thats why i cant speak afraid ill get bullied for saying something.

No social life/skills very introverted even before the coronavirus happens. Hate to say it but i need to be extroverted since my family wants me too. Should I get adderral?

I might have ADHD which is trouble learning concentrating like I mention comphrehension skills and communcation skills.

Need a pill that makes me smarter I have terrible gpa in high school and just not smart. Can't go to college or get a degree or even get a low entry level job.

Going through midlifecrisis still acting like a teenager still.

I might have autism? Do i need to mri scan on the brain? help


I discovered pmo as well 3 years ago that could be one of the major problems but i find ways too not pmo.

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    These are all issues you should tell the psychiatrist.

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    I have been going through close to the same things! I’m sorry that you are struggling and worrying. Seems as if you may want to try to talk to a therapist (specialist) sometimes not just a regular Dr. MD. some will brush you off and make you more insecure, but if you find someone you’re comfortable talking to that you can afford to go to that will except your insurance if you have it or a state clinic, will be great you could always try different ones. I’m thinking a psychological examination would help you could get those online for free as well. I went online and took an autism test I still don’t know if I am I was tested as a child for Tourette’s syndrome and my mother did not want to go further with it I guess it scared her to think that I might have a problem so it never was dealt with. I don’t know what I have but I do know I have high blood pressure, anxiety,  And I have no idea what else I have panic attacks but anyways this is not about me it’s about you. Hopefully you will figure it out or get some kind of peace of mind about it. Either way you are still human and you still matter! You can still have mental illness or special needs and be highly functional. The games are good for your mind to a certain extent. Don’t feel guilty, that’s where you feel at home. Maybe you just need a little balance. Maybe some reading in a quiet room ( if you like to) for 15-20 min a day will help with memory and reflexes.. Good Luck! 

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    Hi, we're random strangers on the internet.  Just wait and see what your mental health professional has to say.

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