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Can someone explain this for me ""genuine" knowledge (knowledge of anything which is not true by definition)" What does it mean in detail?

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    I need a larger context. Why is "genuine" presented in quotation marks here?  it is, presumably, because it is not meant to be taken literally, so it is not truly "genuine"' only being called genuine for some purpose.  that purpose is not given in the context you have provided.  the effect of that definition, though, is that information which is not true still fits the idea of "genuine" for the purpose of the writer.

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    That is a difficult concept. One may have knowledge of fiction and incomplete analyses. However, within the scientific context, 'genuine' knowledge would be based upon research that has been replicated and peer-reviewed. Yet even that will have a probability of being true.

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    4 weeks ago

    That would seem to be a matter of philosophy rather than mere words, so maybe shift the question to Philosophy.

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