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How do I make my face less fat? ?

I’m 5’8 and 160 lbs so I guess a lil more than average but my face always looks like a potato in selfies without contour

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    You cannot target a specific area to lose fat. When you consume fewer calories than your body uses, you'll lose fat from all over your body (and eventually notice the loss in your face). If you have a chubby face due to genetics, then you can slim it down but it may require you to drop your overall body fat % lower than you normally would, because your body isn't going to want to lose that fat. 


    If you're female, makeup shading/contouring can make your face appear more slim than it is. Of course, that works for males too but tends to be a less desirable approach for many.

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    As obvious as it sounds, losing weight all around is the best way to make your face look skinnier. 

    That being said, working your facial muscles is another method that definitely has varying amounts of success from person to person. I'm not an expert on these, but I've read that something as simple as chewing (preferably zero calorie) gum and making phonemes/jaw movements can help.

    Additionally, I want to say that the way you are is perfectly fine. Everyone's bodies and faces are shaped completely differently, and there's nothing wrong with that! I encourage you to be proud and confident of your face, no matter the shape. I'm sure you're beautiful! Best of luck!

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