UK.   I need to find out when exactly I was granted my first Driving Licence.   It had to be some time in the early 1960s as I passed my?

Test first time and as soon as I could legally drive on UK public roads.  My current Licence gives a date in 1977 which is what the DVLA have told me.  However living outside the UK at the time and to prevent having to take another test here when I returned, I had a friend renew my UK Licence for me and that was likely in 1977..  Can anybody remember when UK Licences had to be renewed (other than when people reach 70!!) - what interval?


Thanks Land-shark.   That makes sense as, although out in Canada, I must have been aware of the change being made in 1976 and had my friend renew my Licence in early 1977.  I have that 'sign' against cars, cars + trailer and against some letters ...fklnpg, whatever that is!!

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  • 4 weeks ago
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    I'm not surprised you're confused over it. From 1957 you needed to renew every 3 years instead of every year. It remained that way until 1973 when the red licences were superseded by the 'computerised' green paper document; 3 years later in 1976 they changed the rules so that you didn't need to renew again until age 70.

    ++ Look on the back of your photocard licence in Section 10. The symbol < indicates that you passed it for those categories before the 1976 date printed.


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    Before the DVLA county councils administered driving licences, my last red book licence was renewed in 1974 with no expiry date, they used to be valid for 3 years. 

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