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If evolution has taught us anything, it is that everything changes. Humans 10,000 years from now will probably have evolved significantly. Think about what kind of changes might be ahead for mankind. Remember, evolution is largely about the environment. Unlike the animal species explored in this region, our environment has a lot of tools. This means that people can count on elements in the environment in a way that most species cannot. For instance, humans have lost their fur because they can wear clothing, so think about how technology and environment are likely to change in the future.

Choose at least five elements of humans that you think will be the next evolutionary change. Provide an illustration of the changes of these features and write a brief paragraph explaining how each will evolve over time. Be sure to not only explain the adaptation or mutation, but also address why it will be a useful change for the humans of the future.

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    Significant physical change won't happen until humans live in space or on another world, such as Mars.  The change in atmospheric pressure and gravity will make changes to the human body. 

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    Some researchers suspect autism is a form of evolution meant to address the new human need for singular focus on things like coding. But I'm not going to do your homework for you. This was assigned to you to get you to think about it. So do some thinking. 

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