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 "The cheap is expensive"?

My brother pays the bills here at home. Our cat got sick, he hasn't eaten or drank for 3 days. I took him to the hospital and it was found that he had liver lipidosis and needed forced nutrition and hydration through the vein. He had already been in the hospital for two nights to undergo exams, my brother said to bring him home that we could treat him at home (I think because of the money). As he is the boss, I had to do what he said, but the doctor recommended putting a feeding tube through the cat's neck. And our cat had an adverse reaction to the procedure and ended up dying. And now I think, this is an example of the saying "The cheap is expensive", because if he had stayed in the hospital for a few more days, he would not have had to have the procedure done on his neck and would have come back alive ... Very sad.

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    Although you should've trusted the vet's advice, what's done is done. There is no guarantee that your cat would've survived.

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    There is NO guarantee that the cat would have lived at all, period.  He could have died overnite at the vet clinic

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