Nicola Sturgeon is telling students not to go to pubs - what's going on?

Yet the pubs are still open.  Can Oldies and middle aged, plus the unemployed layabout - can they all still go to pubs?  Why bar those at less risk?  Shouldn't oldies be the ones told not to go to pubs?

Maybe we need a new system where the old and young never mix, for example old people are only allowed out between 6am and 12pm, then for the rest of the day and evening young people only can come out.


Is this stupider than anything Boris has said?

Update 2:

'They keep killing Suzie' - where did I say I'm not 'an oldie' or 'middle aged'?

I'm putting an argument forward that the restriction is daft, it would not apply to me at any age because I'm in England anyway..

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  • gerald
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    4 weeks ago
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    You can tell people anything we are in a mess because she is the same as the rest we have hit rock bottom kid , i predicted the incompetence 4 years ago its not rocket science i built houses for 50 years and i didnt ride a horse you know when cowboys build stuff it will fall down 

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    4 weeks ago

    She's saying they can't go this weekend. What's that all about? They're all making it up as they go along. Everyone's saying we need to increase the testing. No we don't. What does testing tell you. A, you've got it (possibly, depending on the accuracy). B, you've had it, (the NHS are running the cycling too many times so you will find it when the virus is long dead). C, you've got it, but you can't afford not to go to work or shop for food as you have no money or support, so you'll go out anyway. D, we think you've not got it, but you just caught it so it's not going to show up.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Can you still buy cigarettes ? Yes

    Where can you smoke them ? Nowhere.

    Control !

  • 4 weeks ago

    There has been a massive increase in COVID infections among students in Scotland - higher than among the general population, so a student is more likely to have been in contact with COVID than others. Hence Sturgeon is telling them to stay away from places people gather, especially pubs.

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  • Didn't you say you were 50 years old?

    Well, to students you would be regarded as an "oldie" so your ideal bars you from pubs after 12pm. 

    I don't think you've thought this through and is tantamount to trolling. 

    This is the paragraph you need to focus on from the article to make sense of the directive.......

    "Hundreds of university students have tested positive at campuses across the country, with many more self-isolating."

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