Consider a massless, frictionless pulley attached to the ceiling. A massless, inextensible string is attached to the masses Mb and Ma where Mb > Ma . The tensions Tx, Tz, Ty, and the gravitational constant g are magnitudes

How are absolute value of vector ay and absolute value of vector ax related?

1. vector ay = vector ax

2. vector ay > vector ax

3. vector ay < vector ax

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    1. vector ay = vector ax

    Since we have a simple (not compound) pulley arrangement, the two masses must accelerate at the same rate.

    Note that since the pulley is ideal (frictionless and massless), the tensions Tx and Ty are also equal in magnitude.

    While Mb is falling, Tz = 2*Tx = 2*Ty

    but Tz < g*(Ma + Mb)

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  • 4 weeks ago

    you never told us what ax and ay are, so how could we compare them?

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