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hammy asked in Cars & TransportationCommuting · 2 months ago

What to do if someone keeps trying to run you off the road?

I gotten no helpful advice from my family, my father just told me I need to watch out for him.


I mean the dude was wrong from the beginning he took a right turn into my lane while I was accelerating. Alright.. Then he stayed by me and turn to turn his huge truck in the little space in front of my car. I run into the other lane in coming traffic, then I was in the turning lane and he still kept trying to run his truck into me because I guess he needed to turn.

I got out and cursed him out.

Update 2:

Your common sense seems half-assed.

Update 3:

You are telling me to call the cops on someone without having the license plates or any proof at all, you must be young. Then you went to a different question and cant answer either one.

Update 4:

I wasnt the aggressor the guy was

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  • Fin
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    2 months ago
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    Seriously my dude?!  With or without a camera, the next time it happens call the police. There are laws against road rage.

    To capture this happening you can get a (cheap) dash cam for $40. Record it the next time it happens. Call the police.

    Source(s): EDIT: Not sure who you're answering back to with your updates - since commenting on comments is disabled. The way I read your initial description is that you have someone who is continually singling you out and trying to run you off the road. If this was a one and done deal - then, yeah, there's not much recourse. If this is someone you keep coming across then you need to take note of the make, model, plate info, and color of the vehicle as well as any description of the driver you can provide.
  • 2 months ago

    You get a good front and rear dash camera.   Then the next time he comes along you drive nice and straight,   do not do anything aggressive and let him run you off the road.    Then you call the cops,  show them the video and let them arrest the guy.   You can also use the video to sue him. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Cool story       

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Don't engage and call the police.

    Source(s): Common sense. And Zillow is always accurate that's also half assy 😉
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