What's a good next career step for me?

Hi all,

I'm currently a supervisor for a sports betting company, and unfortunately there's not a well-structured corporate ladder and I'm looking to switch things up. I live in Oregon where there's not much of a sports betting demand other than where I currently work so I'm looking for something that will help me gain more universal skills that I can take anywhere if I'm looking for a future change.

A little about my career background: I have been in supervisor roles in my past 2 jobs and it's really where I shine and I'd like to grow to a high level manager in the next 10 years. I have a little experience in sales (I was a furniture sales lead at a previous job). I've also worked at those fast food restaurants like Subway and Papa John's and I'm also wondering what kind of appeal those kind of supervisor/manager jobs would have.

If you have any suggestions or need more info, please post below! Thanks!

1 Answer

  • 28AKO
    Lv 5
    4 weeks ago

    Any management jobs. All restaurant jobs u can move up as shift, department, store, and district manager. You can also be assistant manager! Just depends on u

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