Advice from human resources or hiring manager  writting career change resume objective.....?

Please give me input in what you would like to see or what would make me stand out experience in nursing and clerical office medical records applying for property manager at storage facility.....


I'm looking for feedback in writting aresume objective statement. I am changing careers and applying for property management position and my primary experience is working in healthcare as a nurse and medical records. Feel free to give me an example of what you would write, or what would catch your eye as hiring manager/ human resources. Thank you

2 Answers

  • 4 weeks ago

    [# of] years doing this and this. Maintained the records perfectly. {Not sure how you would work nursing into this, but you do need an answer if the interviewer asks "Why are you changing careers?" - and COVID and "burnout" are not good answers.}

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    My advice is that whatever resume you come up with, you have your final draft proofread and approved by someone you know who is knowledgeable in English grammar. Your writing is so atrocious that if you don't, it'll go straight into the garbage the instant a hirer sees it and you won't get a job pumping gas.

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