Pre-Menopausal symptoms or Discontinuation of Wellbutrin side effects ? ?

Been bleeding since JANUARY off & on but mostly ON... with occasional days of stopping for a day or a few days. I am 50 years old... I always had very predictable & regular periods my while life until this past January 2020. The bleeding I have is light to medium with clots at times. I am NOT feeling weak or light-headed from blood loss but bleeding 9 straight months now and concerned. I also am having bleeding gums... I used to get sore bleeding gums with PMS... Now it is every day like my menstrual bleeding. My doctor wants me to have an Ultrasound to check for fibroids but I can’t go yet because I broke/sprained my foot and when she first ordered the Ultrasound, the Coronavirus scare had just begun so I refused to go to a medical facility during that time. But that was in April and here it is September and still bleeding. I had been bleeding for 3 months when my blood was drawn for labs and everything was NORMAL. 

I had recently took BUPROPION (Wellbutrin) last year for a year then discontinued it in January 2020 and THIS is when my menstrual irregularities began. I had taken that medication for mood stabilization during my entering Menopause... and did notice while taking it that my periods were much lighter than usual at times. I read that the medication could cause this. But stopped it after a year to see if I was okay without it. Now my periods are so out of whack and ongoing for so long... I wonder if that medication is why ? Anybody with similar experience? 

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