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What can I do about my mail being stolen? I think it was the postal carrier? ?

So I just moved to my new location a few months ago. I have opt in to get emails from USPS displaying what mail pieces should be be in my mailbox. I have gotten everything just fine no issue up until last Friday so it has been a full week now. This just happens to be the week I had a package and other valuable items coming in the mail. I have not gotten a single one. My mailbox is a metal lock box. My apt does not legally have access to my mail box. My items just disappeared. I went to the post office they said they will give this letter they typed up to my mail carrier. Today I got an email I had a toll bill on the way. When I checked the mail I had my bill & the note that the postal worker typed up for my postal carrier to call me. I had no call and they just left the note that was for them in my mail box. I have filed a complaint online but I have not heard back yet. I don't understand how my mail just proofed but its back to normal again today? Recent online reviews on my postal site are giving one star and saying they are also having the same issues with missing packages and such being delivered in their mailboxes. My question is what can I do if anything? I have gotten no where with my local office. 

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