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Why was Diana so popular ?

Why was she so popular among the public? 

She also is one of the most photographed women in history.

She had one of the biggest funerals ever with all the public turnout and tv viewings

And today is a British icon. 

Since her passing I don't think this country has seen a woman who has been as big as she was. 

I think 100 years from today she will be talked about more than any other royal of recent or current times.

Why was she so popular 

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  • Princess Diana was not always popular. When she was a new princess, she was heavily criticised for her spend on clothes, for being shallow and only interested in parties and pop culture.  She started to become popular when she adopted two key charitable causes - supporting AIDS patients and campaigning against landmines. She also played the victim card very well in her marriage difficulties. At the time she died, her popularity was wearing thin - there were daily news reports that she was partying hard with Dodi Fayed - living the life of a playboy's girlfriend. But dying when she did, how she did, made people forget the bad and only remember the good.

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    She was a Great Mother Beautiful and she Put her Children first she was not the cause of the Brake up he was

    the Rottweiler was always there like has been said there was 3 on the Honeymoon

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    at the time she loved the unlovable eg dying aids patients.(people avoided aids patients like the plague but she did not) 

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    Diana was a kind caring woman 

    Compassionate  , always  cared for others 

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    She was a kind, empathetic, fun-loving soul who was more down-to-earth than any of the other royals. She also allowed her vulnerability and problems to be known, such as her struggles with bulimia and her failed marriage. People found they could relate to her. She seemed more like one of us than one of the elite royals. People also wanted to believe in a happily-ever-after fairy tale with her marriage. When it broke down, the public felt a great deal of sympathy for her plight. She basically had a special “it” factor that is hard to define. 

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    She was immensely manipulative and made herself into a public saint and martyr. She was as bad as Charles but it was Charles who was made the monster.

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    People tend to equate beauty with goodness. Diana was beautiful. Diana also treated strangers kindly. Diana was able to make a person feel that s/he was being paid attention to, that s/he mattered. Diana started her charitable works while still in school. She worked with the elderly and had a special knack for it.

    Diana worked hard for he charities, and she was the first royal to take on the AIDS/HIV issue. showing people that there was no reason to be unduly afraid.

    Diana's beauty and style turned the glare of the paparazzi on her, to her detriment.

    Diana will be known as the mother of a future king, William, the ex-wife of another, mother of a spare. She will be known for the difficulties she faced during her life, and how her difficulties caused the royals to make some changes in the way new family members are taken into the family, learn the ropes...

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    Because the media made her a star, and 

    when they had done that they trashed her.

    Especially when she hooked up with a Muslim waster.

    Her image was only saved by her untimely death.

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    There are many reasons for her popularity. She wore many styles of clothing, even those disapproved of by royalty. She even wore an expensive necklace as a headpiece. She was approachable and approached by people who were supposedly not deemed proper people, like giving hugs to people with AIDs. At that time, it was a social stigma. She helped the poor and is good friends with Mother Teresa. She broke protocol by being a mother to 2 princes, doing normal activities like going to the amusement park. At that time, that was frowned upon. She even went to test land mine fields. These are only to name a few. 

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    Because she loved publicity.

    And in 100 years time people will have forgotten all about her.

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