I need to improve my left hand coordination playing piano?

So im trying to learn Geralt of Rivia Netflix OST Arrange by Jom Pumper on You Tube, I can play the intro both hands, but for some reason im having a hard time playing both with hands after that, I lost interest on some beautiful pieces that i cant progress but now im willing to improve again. Any advices please

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Finding a qualified teacher is the best thing you can do.  Many that try to learn without a teacher have trouble with coordinating both hands to play together.  Structured lessons will help with that.

  • 4 weeks ago

    The coordination of hands - especially if they are doing independent things - is one of the most difficult piano techniques to learn for a beginner.  You do not mention a qualified, degreed, experienced TEACHER of piano.  Without one, you are doomed.  You will flounder in frustration and never play the things you wish.  So choose - either be cheap and suffer - or find a GOOD teacher.  Skip YooToob for what they pass off as instruction.  If a teacher cannot see and hear YOU PERSONALLY, then whatever they have posted is more than likely useless.  There are instruction things that can teach you how to do various skills like beginning jazz improvisation - but those ASSUME that you already have full command of your instrument.   I looked at the sample you sent - it is REALLY easy - just figuring out how to fit those left hand dotted rhythms in the block chords.  This is proof that you need a teacher - even though you marked up a little bit to assist yourself.  I wrote my Masters thesis in the teaching and learning of rhythm - it is the backbone of all sight reading, then all accurate and expressive playing.  A good teacher can fix you in short order.  Or- you can continue to wallow and complain.  Your call.

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