Looking for a career change out of school counseling?

Point blank: I need to make more money. I live in a metropolitan area that is quite expensive. I wanted to be a school counselor b/c I love the mental health field and I love working with kids. But I hate the pay. I want to get into something that is as fulfilling as what I do now, but pays me more money so that I can stop renting and own my own place. What are some other career fields where I could transfer the skills I have as a counselor and build on the strengths I've already developed over these last 5 years? I've considered HR (I did a brief stint working in an HR recruitment office before counseling) but most HR jobs where I live require specialized training and knowledge that I don't have. Part of me is a little afraid that I don't have enough experience in any other field to get ahead. I'm already in my upper 30s.....I just need some ideas.  

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